Newsletter of July 2021

Dear Citizenfund supporter,

We hope that you have not been too badly affected by the floods and that you are doing well.

For our part, July was a little quieter, which allowed us to move forward on certain issues and prepare the communication campaign for the autumn.

📰 📰 You may have seen this article from La Libre which reports on our investments in Ma Ferme and BPart.

✅ We have tested a pre-voting system with our cooperators: we present them with projects in 2-3 lines and they decide whether we present them to the Selection Committee for further analysis.

📢 It’s no surprise that we will be doing a communication campaign in the autumn. If you want to give us a hand in the meantime, we’d love to! In any case, we count on you to relay it. Objective: to reach half a million euros of investment capacity before the end of the year!

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🌱 News of our participations

🚴 urbike was a guest on Startup Story of BX1 to discuss their innovative mobility project and is coming to Antwerp in partnership with Oovelo.

📖 Wilfried’s French-language summer issue “Nos années féministes” is still available in their shop or at your local bookstore, along with the Dutch-language version “Belgische Landschappen” and their little sports brother Eddy. Wilfried also hires 2 part-time employees: a manager and an administrative manager.

🤝 Give a Day has a summary of its communities that are looking for flood volunteers.

🎞️ CinéCité’s Kinograph is still participating in the J’peux pas, j’ai cinéma initiative: thousands of cinema tickets for €1 in Brussels and Wallonia.

🏦 The NewB payment card is available! In addition, if you are a recent graduate, they offer a Young Talent Program.

💰 After a difficult year in 2020, Incofin returns to a positive result in the first quarter of 2021, both in financial terms and in terms of impact.

🧱 & 🌳 Our startups definitely have a subscription to BX1’s Startup Story: BC Materials and Sonian Wood Coop were also guests this July.

🩲 The introduction of Entusia’s bladder weakness underwear in the Netherlands is a success.

🥜 In July, new Bulkbar distributors were installed at Scarlet, Quality2Life and Paon-Lin.

🏡 Last call to invest directly in the Menuiserie of Novacitis via our ambassador page.

By investing in Citizenfund, you are supporting companies like these!

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🌐 What’s new in the ecosystem?

💻 CoopCity is looking for a Programme Officer for their BLOSSOM social enterprise scaling programme.

See you,

Citizenfund Team