Give a day

Give a Day aims to encourage volunteering by bringing together associations, citizens, local institutions, schools and businesses, to create a more cohesive society.

The platform centralises and organises volunteering in order to have a global, positive and sustainable impact on society! It organises the “matching” between requests from associations and offers from volunteers.

Give a Day allows everyone to participate, whether citizens by themselves, schools for internships, companies for social projects or team-building projects, or municipalities to facilitate access to this platform for associations.

Since 2016, more than 10,000 volunteers and 1,500 associations have registered, for 6,000 matches!

More than just a platform for exchange, Give a Day is a real player in societal change!

Social impact

Give A Day’s activity contributes to Goal 1 “No Poverty”, 11 “Sustainable Cities and Communities”, and 17 “Partnerships for Achieving the Goals” of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Emmanuel Baeten is an entrepreneur engaged in various trades, seeking to develop sustainable economic activities, favouring a collaborative approach and aspiring to a strong social impact.