For several years, NewB has been working to build an ethical and sustainable Belgian bank so that the money in your bank account can contribute to a society that respects the planet and human rights.

NewB is a Belgian cooperative working to build an ethical and sustainable bank for a society that respects the planet and human rights. 

NewB aims to offer simple and transparent banking services with an absolute commitment to the principles of sustainability and ethics that flow from its 13 statutory values: Simplicity, integration, security, inclusion, diversity, diversity, innovation, participation, honesty, sustainability, sobriety, transparency, proximity and professionalism. These values are enshrined in the Articles of Association and are applied in a concrete way at all levels.

NewB is the first Belgian bank to offer an ethical and cooperative current account. NewB also offers a payment card, a savings account, loans, ethical investment funds and insurance.

NewB's shareholder base currently consists of 156 societal organizations, more than 52,000 citizens and 3 institutional investors


In order to obtain the approval as a credit institution of the FSMA and the ECB, NewB is launching a capitalization campaign of 30,000,000 euros. This campaign begins on Friday, October 25, 2019 at 2 p.m. and ends on Wednesday, November 27, 2019 at midnight. To date, NewB does not have an authorisation as a credit institution and may never obtain it.

Investing in NewB Units involves high risks.

In particular, the investor runs a high risk of losing part or all of the amount invested. This risk is high because of the accounting losses accumulated each year since the company was incorporated in 2011, i.e. €10,732,632 according to the accounts closed at 30/06/2019, and because NewB cannot report any probative or historical experience with regard to the credit institution's activities that it intends to undertake.

If NewB is unable to obtain a bank licence, each investor will receive 100% of the amount invested under the offer.


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